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School meals have improved markedly in recent years, with many caterers offering wide menus of nutritionally balanced meals every day. But now many schools face a new battle: how to get their kids excited about healthy eating. Perhaps a new approach is needed?

Quodpod™ lunches offer flexibility in the canteen for both hot and grab-and-go lunches:

  • Faster lunch queues: kids choose their main meal from pre-served dishes stacked on the buffet bar, simply dropping into the top of the pod. The starter and dessert are already pre-loaded in the base, so they speed their way to the till
  • Easy to carry: The soft-touch handle allows for easy transport of the meal, both within the canteen and to other eating areas. By allowing kids a choice of where to eat, the school dinner can become more fun and less daunting


  • More appetising: The playful functionality and bentobox styling will appeal to youngsters of all ages. For younger kids especially, the segregation of food colours and textures may help to make the hot meal more enticing
  • Adaptability: Flexible pod configuration means it’s also perfect for packed lunches and healthy grab-and-go snack boxes. The pods stack on top of each other easily, making them suitable for chiller-cabinet display and school trips
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