Quodpod, airline meals, freshly steamed, healthy meals


Similar to airlines, train operators need compact meal packaging and the ability to perform fast turnaround on catering at terminal stations. The ability to offer a hot meal in a timely fashion is also key, especially in premium coaches.

Train benefits include:

  • Fast turnaround times: the pods can be loaded and unloaded using ATLAS trolleys, with 42 meals and cutlery packs fitting inside each trolley
  • Easy to serve: the soft-touch handle makes food service on a train fast, efficient and, most importantly, spill-proof


  • Hot and cold meal elements: The hot food can be supplied in ovenable CPET dishes which work with current onboard equipment. Cold starters and desserts are loaded in the base of the pod, and the whole meal is served in one compact package
  • Cost effective: pods are designed to be used again and again, thus cutting out much of the expensive throwaway packaging normally found in rail and air catering. The pods quickly pay for themselves and rail operators will see a tangible cost benefit over the life of the pods
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