Quodpod, Katie Davidson, catering solutions

Quodpod, Katie Davidson, catering solutions

Kids Zone - An exciting product range for Young Flyers

Quodpod is expanding its portfolio of products for young travellers. We now offer a complete design service for the airlines, with co-branded meal pods, snack trays, promotional bags and activity packs. This is a great opportunity to present a cohesive brand identity to your young flyers and to really differentiate from the adult service. We can design a bespoke family of characters and rotate colourways throughout the year to turn the giveaway items into a collectable range.

What kids tell us

Here’s what we were told by kids and their parents at an independent group in London:

  • Easy to carry
  • Most of my friends in my class all love this kind of thing
  • Like the colours and different compartments
  • ‘Surprising’, ‘Looks cool’
  • Can ‘save food for later’ by folding pod up
  • Fun to use, exploring the meal
  • Looks ‘really neat’ and ‘fun’
  • ‘Stylish’, ‘Modern’, ‘Contemporary’
  • Really good portion sizes, enough for a child to be content
  • Convenient
  • Will make kids eat more, keep them occupied during dinner
  • Gives more space for toys & books on an seat-back table
  • Less prone to spilling during turbulent flights
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