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Quodpod’s economy meal service replacement cuts waste and weight in the galley while improving the appeal of meals on-board.

Airline benefits include:

  • Space and weight saving: ability to fit up to 50% more meals per ATLAS trolley, meaning heavy and bulky trolleys can be removed from the galley. Every kg of weight removed saves gallons of fuel, and therefore has tangible cost benefits to the airline. Space is also freed up for duty free goods and other revenue generating products on board.
  • Save money on every meal served: Not only is disposable packaging bad for the environment but it’s also bad for the bottom line. By eliminating many of the throw-away items you’d usually find on a tray, the airline saves money on every meal served
  • Fully brandable meals: A fully branded meal, in airline colours and with a prominent logo, is put in front of every passenger. Further branding or advertising opportunities available on the cutlery packaging
  • Ergonomically designed: Soft-touch handle is designed to relieve wrist strain for crew, and allows two meals to be handled safely at one time, speeding up cabin service
  • Works with existing equipment: Pods are designed to be loaded in standard airline trolleys, and the CPET casseroles can be heated in existing galley ovens
  • Long life: Tough polycarbonate shell will resist wear and tear and can be recycled at the end of its life

The Quodpod™ packaging is also ideally suited to special meal provision:

  • Immediately recognisable
  • Both food inserts are heat sealed and stored within a secondary shell
  • Security sticker can be used to stop tampering
  • Can colour code using handle or plaque areas for at-a-glance identification
  • Potential for embedded RFID technology to help track meals


And not forgetting the airline passengers, for whom an enjoyable meal experience can make a big difference to a long journey:

  • Enhanced food presentation: the economy meal receives an exciting upgrade. Not only is the hot main cleverly served in two halves, preserving flavours, colours and textures; but the act of ‘exploring’ what’s in the pod also adds a touch of fun
  • Dishes ‘served’ individually: the pod opens up in a number of configurations so that each course is revealed as and when the passenger is ready to eat it. No more staring at the dessert while tucking into the starter!
  • More personal space: the compact footprint combined with the double-decker food compartments means the pod takes up a fraction of the space of the traditional meal tray. This means that even during the meal there is a whole lot more space on the seat back tray, and no need to balance items precariously or rearrange the tray while eating
  • No more waiting: at the end of the meal the pods fold up and can be safely placed on the seat or floor. Passengers can then stretch their legs without waiting for the crew to clear the cabin
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