Quodpod looks to transform in-flight catering

Prototype Magazine, Q4 2006

QUODPOD, a new in-flight catering concept developed by Industrial Design Engineer Katie Goodwin, was recently brought to life by Ogle Models and Prototypes. The new design looks to say goodbye to luke warm, dry, pre-frozen
portions of questionable food in economy flights and helps to create a dish you actually want to eat.

Quodpod is a tiffin-style pod, which contains two hot courses and two cold courses for passengers. The hot courses are steamed from raw inside the pod, minutes before serving. The pod is kept fresh by a block of ice in the base, which is quickly converted to steam, under induction heating, to cook the food.

When Katie needed a model of her design she turned to Ogle Models and Prototypes, who had been recommended to her. "The model they produced for me was fantastic, said Katie, "The paint job was especially impressive and it really helped to convey the intended aesthetic of the final product. This was particularly shown in the see through windows on the lid of the model and the soft-touch areas, which suggested a rubber overmoulding."

Ogle produced the model from high precision SLA parts, which were finished in the paint shop to imitate the real injection moulded polycarbonate finish of the real thing.

To create the flexible omega shape clips, which allowed the trays to be swung out, Ogle used SLS rapid prototyping, which is more flexible and forgiving than the traditional SLA.

The model Ogle produced was initially designed for a final examination and the Graduate Show at the Royal College of Art, but it has been a huge success and gone on to attract investors to fund further product development and the design is currently 'patent pending'.

Katie Davidson
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